Friday, 13 March 2009

Apple Fail Mippin App because of YouTube content which can be found in its own YouTube application

We've been submitting a Mippin Application to iTunes for 6 weeks now and every week they've failed us for inceasingly trivial reasons. Now we've been failed for a ridiculous reason.

Quite early on in the process they failed us because of rude words in some of the Internet articles we were publishing. Early this week Tweetie was rejected for the same reason- they kicked up such a stink on Twitter that Apple backed down within hours and accepted it. When this happened to us though, 3 weeks ago, we bowed to their greater wisdom and implemented 2 levels of checking for our iPhone application to prevent "objectionable" content getting through. We rate all our 50,000 feeds in Mippin and prevent most if it even getting to the user, then just to be sure we check every word in the article real-time for a list of rude words and if one appears we block the display of the content from the server. We thought this was enough, but this week we got rejected because of a YouTube video - we were amazed at this. In the very amusing video "sxephil" does use one rude word, but in our minds YouTube have allowed this through - its certainly acceptable to them. What's even worse we found the same video through Apple's own YouTube application on the iPhone - is this "double standards". Above we show on the left the YouTube screenshot of the video which has had nearly 1/2 million views next to the screenshot on the right of the video inside the Mippin application which can be viewed here.

As a little startup we're feeling a little persecuted by Apple of this situation. Could it be that because we actually render mobile content better in Mippin than the iPhone itself can do they are finding any reason they can to stop us appearing on the iPhone. I would say that's an abuse of their power.


Blogger Mike Werner said...

Apple act like Micro$oft, IBM and Exxon combined, but prefer that people think they're a small family company. Nothing is further from the truth, and they wield a heavy hand in everything they do, specially iphone. Double standards are exactly what big corporations do to protect their investments.

The only thing you can do is write a hitting headline, and send it to all the big bloggers, digg, stumble etc, and hope that some of them will pick it up. Once people notice it, things will happen ... until then, you're small fry.

13 March 2009 at 18:17  
Blogger Sciamachy Moran said...

They should also ban Safari from the iPhone, and Mail too. Who knows what filth users might display on those two?

13 March 2009 at 18:43  
Blogger Michael Maguire said...

MWerner -- Not 'like Microsoft'. Remember MSFT owns an undisclosed percentage of Apple. Apple basically *is* Microsoft, with a little Cupertinocino sprinkle on top --

14 March 2009 at 02:02  

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