Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Mippin harnesses the power of touch

Readers of the Mippin blog will know that we've been concentrating our development on touchscreen devices for the past few weeks, and today marks another important product announcement:

Mippin is now perfectly optimised for iPhone and Android.

If you're thinking 'but Mippin been optimised for these devices for some time!' you'd be right. The difference now is that we're offering a markedly richer and cleaner interface and some key new functionality.

The question that prompted our development was one every mobile (or content company) should be asking themselves: "how best can we utilize the touchscreen interface to simplify our user experience?"

As a mobile start-up we're only too aware of the fallacy that surrounds much of the marketing for devices like the iPhone (that the full web works like a dream).

Sites like Flickr, Amazon, Facebook, Dabr and Ebay all understand this (offering, as they do, impressive sites optimised for touchscreen devices), though other good examples are still - incredibly - few and far between.

Today, our hope is that Mippin joins that illustrious list as an example of the improved user experience that can be offered via these new devices. So what exactly have we done?

The most obvious change is the use of a carousel to offer your personalised headlines direct via the Mippin start page.

Where previously there was a simple link, iPhone and Android users will now find the top 20 latest published stories from their favorite sites available - at a glance. We think this offers a brilliant new way to stay in touch with the news and content that matter most to you, more easily and quickly than ever before (and - it's worth noting - anywhere else on a mobile phone!).

Elsewhere, we're also surfacing much more of our considerable content via the new navigational techniques available via both phones (the iphone 'wheel' for example).

We've also included some updates for our entire audience, of course. You'll now find the most ardent users of our service appearing within our category pages. That means if you browse a lot of technology sites for example, you might find yourself appearing as the 'fan' of that category.

These users add huge value by allowing others to find new and interesting content (see here for more). By collecting and sharing the most pertinent sites and content together, it's now easier than ever to discover content you like via people similar to yourself by simply clicking on another user's profile picture.

We think our latest updates make our product more unique than ever. We hope you agree.

The Mippin team.

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