Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Device follow-up for anoraks

I was asked if I could give out some stats regarding the most popular screenwidths seen by Mippin - no, really......

Here we are: 128x 30% of the base; 176x 45% of the base and 240x or higher 25%.

The context of the question was on the need to deliver more than 176x in providing a mobile internet service. I think the stats highlight that there is value in going the extra mile - particularly as the iPhone and Blackberry classes are all in the high end. Arguably you could ignore 128x on the basis that they will disappear over time but a lot of Indian sub-continent users are still very active on these phones.

For the record our five main screenwidth categories are: 128x, 176x, 240x, 320x and 480x.

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Further mobile insight from Opera

An excellent insight into usage of the internet on mobiles from Opera. Click here.

I found this stat interesting in particular: Full Web surfing comprises more than 77% of all traffic. Content on WAP and .mobi sites accounted for 23% of mobile Web traffic [....] and falling

We see the same trend from incoming users from organic search: over 95% of all Google users are coming from rather than, or

This comment was also reassuring: Nearly a quarter of all traffic is headed to content portals or search engines.

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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Favourite Devices

We have taken another trawl through the device database to see if there are any interesting nuggets to share.

The first chart shows the total share of devices using Mippin by manufacturer and is a proxy for the total market share of devices using mobile data. The geographic spread is global but Mippin is in the English language so it includes the Indian sub-continent but excludes most of Asia.

Note that we classify Opera Mini as a distinct category in its own right - this does mean that the data is not strictly correct i.e. the Opera Mini usage was on a Nokia or a Sony or a Motorola etc but the fact that it is Opera Mini is more relevant to us in terms of presentation and also gives an idea of Opera Mini market share in this space. We have left it in accordingly.

The next chart considers which devices are most likely to see repeat usage of Mippin. The best device on this measure (the BlackBerry) is given a rating of 1 and the other devices are given a rating relative to this. Thus, the Samsung is the laggard - having a rating just 58% of that of the Blackberry.

Nokia - as we have noted before - rates surprisingly lowly but this is related to a bug/feature on Series40 devices which drop cookies repeatedly and impact both the usability and how we measure the Mippin user. (There is still much head scratching on how to deal with this).

Finally, the top 25 devices worldwide. Notice that just 21 devices account for half of all usage. The other 1,500+ account for the other 50%.

Nokia obviously star in this list; Opera Mini shows 3% share of all repeating users which is impressive; one wonders what next for Motorola after the RAZR as the KRZR makes it purely on US volume alone; Sony Ericsson has strength in depth and dominates 23 through 50.

Happy to respond to particular questions in future posts.

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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Crea una versión de tu sitio compatible con celulares

Take a look at ZeroZen, the best implementation using Mippin we have seen so far outside of the English language and proof that the Mippin Maker can deliver anywhere in any script or language. Great job guys!

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The astronomical costs of texting.....

Pocket Picks is one of the titles in MyMippin list of favourites and crops up in my Mippin Today as a result (you'll find details in the archive here).

*off on a tangent warning* I have linked to the Pocket Picks website within this post but the truth is I have never visited it - I found a link in Mippin and bookmarked it there and that's how I keep up to date with the news from the site.


I have been meaning to write a post for sometime concerning the cost of texting. Many users have the perception that surfing the internet on their phone is expensive but believe that the cost of an SMS message is close to zero. The facts are somewhat different as you can read in this article.

A single SMS text message has a maximum size of 140 bytes (160 characters encoded at 7 bits per character) . There are 1,048,576 bytes in a megabyte so it will take 7490 text messages to transmit one megabyte.

Assuming an average cost of 5p per text, that works out at a whopping £374.49 per MB - about 4.4 times more expensive than sending the same data from space.

You can buy an unlimited surfing option for 50 friends with the same amount that 1 MB of data costs through a text message or - as the article suggests - send four messages via the Hubble Space Station.

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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Carnival of the Mobilists

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Mobile extends publisher reach

This is an interesting article from Nielsen. It details how having a mobile presence extends the reach for the web rather than cannibalising it.

For many in our (the mobile) industry this seems the type of statement which should be greeted with a 'doh' or a derisory 'they needed a survey for that?' But the truth is that a large minority of publishers are nervous about mobile as they are nervous about RSS readers: the fear is that these new channels will weaken their (known and) existing propositions and diminish their brands.

It is really refreshing to see robust data proving the opposite and confirming this industry's intuition. Up until now much of the data has been anecdotal - such as the assertion made to me from a BBC Sports Journalist that expectations are that mobile usage of the mobile site shall exceed that of the web site before the end of 2009. Impressive but not as likely to convert the doubters as this Nielsen survey.

It is worth pointing out that this survey is in the US, a market not known for leading the mobile data space. One can imagine that the statistics are better in Europe and much more impressive in Asia. Then, of course, in the developing world where there is a far lower penetration of PCs the figures will show the publisher that mobile is the main route to their audience online.

So, further encouragement to publishers worldwide to develop a mobile proposition. For a free, easy and elegant way to do so, here is a link to the Mippin Maker.

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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Plenty of upside still to go then!

The latest Mary Meeker report contains a number of revelations.

This chart shows the number of mobile users in the top 15 markets worldwide. It's really kind of humbling.

However, let's be bullish: this means there is still plenty of upside for Mippin!