Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Some user feedback

There is a feedback link on every page of the Mippin service and we encourage as many of you to use it as possible. We do read everyone.

There are too many examples to mention how the service has improved as a result of this: whether it is search, a new site request, ideas on connecting with other users, feedback on site design, introducing us to new devices etc.

Let us just say: THANK YOU

You are also keeping us on our toes by introducing us to new language twists that the oldies in the team (definition: over 30's; there are one or two of us) struggle to keep up with.

Some favourites from the past week:

"Liked it a lot. Specially strange things I've found"
"Please make it a little more colourful not heavy"
"Dis site is d best!"

and the best

"I lyk it coz is helping me to stay away frm the dangerous things"*

Mippin as a social service - a new business model?

Most of us read the feedback everyday but Simon is our main man for making sure we come back to you and solve any queries that you have along the way. A tip of the hat to him but also a shout to King Sharose, Lipgloss666, Brilliant, Burtbow and others for their frequent engagement which is simply fantastic.

(* Of course, even this is eclipsed by this search query from last year: My husband was on my phone about 2weeks ago what was he searching for and can i view it) The answer was no, he would be pleased to know.
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