Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A call to arms.....

It was an excellent MoMo on Monday.

MoMo (Mobile Monday) is an institution in the mobile space which is held (usually) on the first Monday of every month and which now has a large number of chapters around the world. If there is one in your town and you are interested in mobile, get along it's free. Congratulations to Dan Appelquist and the rest of the organisation team for their continued evangelism.

Tom Hume did a good write-up of the event here (look for the Nov 10th post) but I wanted to comment on one element. Russell Buckley dodged a bullet in the chat show format by passing over the issue of advert quality so I quizzed him again during the Q&A.

His answer was a good one and he called on his position as Chair of the MMA (which he serves very well indeed) to stress that there is a far bigger picture to aim at and that we need to bring the larger advertisers up to speed on what can be achieved over mobile.

I wished that he turned this into a call to arms.

The quality of advertising on networks (like AdMob) right now is pretty poor. See the image above, which I can assure the reader is not a targeted piece of advertising to a married man sitting in a mobile geek event in London. Neither is properly titled as an ad and really does mobile as an industry few favours.

The only way to remedy it is to improve the quality of the inventory, the ability to target, the quality of the reporting and to educate, educate, educate the advertising industry.

If you have a stake in this industry, find the time to get out amongst the advertisers and evangelise the space as often as you can. Only with greater familiarity will come greater confidence and from there the required investment to make the industry successful.
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