Wednesday, 22 October 2008

We tuttle, you tuttle, everyone tuttles.....

We are buying the drinks at the Social Media Cafe in London this Friday. Otherwise known as the Tuttle Club it is a meeting place for anyone and everyone interested in... well..... social media. It's a really laid back event where people of like minds come together and keep each other briefed on what's happening, what's new and exciting, what's recommended and what's not.

We are demoing and hoping to get some feedback on our big release this week which - we hope - makes Mippin even more fun to use - you can now see who else is using the service and view their shared stories and sites. Our aim is to increase the value of the service to you based on recommendations from people you trust. More soon.

The Tuttle is FREE and we are buying the coffee's. You find it here (map) anytime from 10am onwards. If you make the effort please seek us out and say hello.

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