Friday, 12 September 2008

Press Release: Mippin Update

Below is our latest press release, issued this morning, which describes our new mobile publishing tool. We've worked hard to create something that's quick, simple and of course free to use. We think the result achieves each of those goals. So, if you'd like a mobile version of your website or blog, perfectly optimised for every handset, globally, and ready in seconds, then look no further. We love to hear your feedback so do get in touch with any comments. As always, there's lots going on at Mippin HQ. We're currently testing some hugely exciting additions to our mobile service (visit on your mobile browser). We think you'll like them. We'll be blogging more about these soon. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy Mobilizer.

Mippin launches Mippin Mobilizer

Mippin - the free mobile media service that makes discovering, consuming, and sharing web content on mobile phones a fast, easy and unique experience, today announced Mippin Mobilizer, a new mobile publishing service based on its popular Mippin technology. With Mippin Mobilizer, bloggers and publishers can quickly and easily create a mobile version of their site which is automatically optimised for any mobile phone with a web browser over 2000 different devices and available instantly.

Mippin Mobilizer is free to use and is the ideal solution for the increasing number of bloggers and branded publishers who want to extend their reach and distribution through the mobile platform, without the need for technical expertise or the extensive cost of developing a separate mobile site. The only requirement is a valid RSS or similar feed, which are a standard feature built into leading blog platforms such as Typepad, Blogger, WordPress and Vox. Mippin Mobilizer takes care of the complexity of creating the mobile service, making it work perfectly across thousands of different devices from large screen iPhones to compact RAZRs. Mippin Mobilizer creates a mobile version of the site in less than five seconds and then its just a few clicks to add customised branding or include advertising. A video demonstration of how fast and easy it is to mobilize a site can be viewed by visiting

Until now, mobilizing a website was not easy and required a great deal of technical expertise. We made Mippin Mobilizer so that almost any blog or website could instantly create a mobile version of their site and reach people on the go in just a few steps, said Scott Beaumont, Co-Founder, Mippin.

With Mippin Mobilizer, anyone can mobilise and customise a website according to their preferences and brand guidelines. Also, unique to Mippin, site owners can create a new revenue stream by inserting advertising from AdMob without paying away any revenue share to Mippin.

Mippin Mobilizer users also benefit by being part of the Mippin Publishing Network now with more than 25 thousand high quality mobile sites enabling their content to reach a wide, inquisitive and rapidly growing mobile audience.

As a leading mobile news blog, Mobhappy's content should obviously be accessible from any mobile device, said Carlo Longino of Mobhappy. Mippin Mobilizer was a snap to use, and it also created a new revenue stream by enabling us to insert ads into our mobile content. We control the look and feel, the editorial content, and the revenues, so it's a win on all counts.

Well known publishers such as Incisive Media (including Gizmodo, VNUNet), blog aggregator Shiny Media (including TechDigest, Shiny Shiny), and established media brands such as the BBC, The New York Times and T3 are using Mippin Mobilizer, together with thousands of independent bloggers.

The Mippin Mobilizer is an excellent tool from which we can generate a mobile variant of our sites in minutes using our existing RSS syndication, said John Barnes, Managing Director of Digital Strategy and Development at Incisive Media. We are able to extend our brand footprint and experiment in generating some meaningful revenue from this emerging mass media.

About Mippin

London-based Mippin is a free media service that uses Web 2.0 tools to make discovering, consuming and sharing web content on mobile phones painless. Quicker than going to traditional URLs and easier to use than mobile widgets, Mippin is laser-focused on delivering a compelling user experience on any mobile phone via the mobile browser, for free. Mippin also directly benefits bloggers and publishers by enabling them to effortlessly mobilise and distribute web content and benefits advertisers by enabling them to deliver targeted branding messages to mobile audiences. Mippin has is funded by leading Venture Capital firm Accel Partners. For more information visit



Blogger David B. said...

“Until now, mobilizing a website was not easy and required a great deal of technical expertise. We made Mippin Mobilizer so that almost any blog or website could instantly create a mobile version of their site and reach people on the go in just a few steps,” said Scott Beaumont, Co-Founder, Mippin.

Not True. Stop it with the unwarranted hubris. Your investors aren't that stupid and they're not going to buy that.

14 September 2008 at 18:16  
Blogger Coalface said...

Hi David, the release is not pitched at investors. You have a point on that there are alternatives now when building a mobile site. Someone wrote this quote for me on this occasion and I can see why you object. The truth in it for all of us is that this is the publisher and advertiser perception. Let's aim to turn that around together.

2 October 2008 at 22:24  

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