Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Mippin Wordpress Plugin - "Killer Application!"

Our WordPress Plugin was published in the Wordpress plugin directory last Thursday and is getting unanimous acclaim from all its downloaders:

Jaffer said

"I was actually thinking about creating a template for mobiles for my blog
earlier today. Here you are introducing me to this killer application.
This is awesome, the rendered website looks exactly I had Imagined !"

Phattrance said

"very very good plugin, thx "

Emanuel said

"Thank you very much for this plugin. My blog loads very slowly on mobile phones and I've wanted something like this for ages now."

The plugin is quite specialised, only for those that host their own blog using Wordpress but its getting lots of interest. You may be wondering what it does? Basically once installed, when a user goes to the hosted blog from a PC they get the blog as is but if they go to that blog from a phone then Mippin is served from their own url. Its very simple to install and no config is needed.


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