Thursday, 21 August 2008

Videos from VuClip

Our discerning users may have noticed that our videos are now provided by VuClip. Don't be concerned it's simply our provider BlueApple has changed its name to VuClip. See their press release.

We do have to say that working with VuClip has been a dream. They convert videos for all the thousands of devices we support and often provide high resolution as well as the smaller file size resolutions (for those concerned with larger downloads). Their rendering on the iPhone is also exceptional quality and they implemented a neat inline integration with the iPhone video player. VuClip are a perfect technology partner for us - we locate the video content in any feed and VuClip converts the content in real-time. This means that video content can be live on Mippin within seconds of it being published on the Internet - even though it almost certainly was published for viewing on a PC only. We do not know anyone else in the Mobile world who can replicate this - let us know if you think anyone can beat this Mippin-VuClip integration.


Blogger zoodude said...

do site owners need to pay for the video downloads?

21 September 2008 at 08:46  

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