Monday, 4 August 2008

Mobile Best Practice

The W3C is an organisation which attempts to deliver standards in the web space to drive its development. It recently published the first variant of its Mobile Web Best Practices which aside from the ghastly name - there is no such thing as a separate mobile web! - is a really excellent guide as to things you should consider when designing a variant of your site for mobile devices (or an excellent guide to cross check against those that are doing it for you - this does not mean that they should abide by it literally but they should know when they digress why it is the case and for what reason).

Instrumental in the formation of this document - and in such an environment contributing to the authoring is one small part, having the tenacity to see it through committee is the real achievement - is Daniel Appelquist from Vodafone. One of the most well-known and likeable evangelists of the mobile space and one of a number of "human" faces into the world of the network operator. Well done, Dan!

If you have a blog - remember to give the Mippin Maker a test drive. It puts these best practices into practice, for free and instantaneously so your blog is readable on every phone, everywhere.

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