Thursday, 3 July 2008

The Pepsi Challenge

Development continues apace at Mippin. There have been a number of refinements to the service just this week based on your feedback which we are really pleased with.

We have also improved search, both in the back-end so it is quicker and more accurate in bringing the most relevant of the 12 million plus items to the surface, but also in the presentation of those results which we hope you will like.

And, we have completed an overhaul of the iPhone version of Mippin. It is not that our first iteration wasn't up to standard, it is just that we knew we could do better. The new iPhone version is simpler, quicker and has a large number of small but important navigational tweaks that just make it a much lighter experience.

The video attached gives a demo of the new iPhone version and includes an overview of the main features. I like the "Pepsi Challenge" element within it which compares web browsing on any site with browsing the content within Mippin. It's quite impressive and provides a strong argument as to why Mippin adds value even to the most sophisticated of browsers and most advanced of users (as well as the other 1,300 devices we cover!).

We encourage all iPhone users to put it to the test!

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