Monday, 9 June 2008

Memories, memories

I noticed in this week's Carnival over on the ever useful WAP Review a survey over at Vision Mobile aimed at gleaning feedback on a host of different development platforms for mobile (which if you are a developer we'd recommend you complete). It brought our learnings from the client space top of mind again.

As long time Java, Flash, Symbian, Series60 (and on and on) developers we have a lot of information to share on our experiences in this space. I think that, bottom line, our feedback would be if you do not need a dedicated software client to be able to deliver your proposition to market then avoid it at all costs. We would probably caution further that if you think you do, think again.

On a supply side, the fragmentation is prodigious if you desire to create a global offering and this adds significantly to the testing time in your development cycles not to mention the coding involved.

But the effect on the demand side is tremendous also.

We have the strongest possible feedback from mass market users that if they can avoid downloading an application they will. This puts a greater burden on closing pre-installation deals with device manufacturers and operators, both of which are tough for small companies to deliver upon and retain control of their roadmaps - and certainly no guarantee of success.

The user experience is our passion and hardly a day goes past without us striving to improve it in some way. The blessing now is that we can make that change immediately rather than after a long development and testing cycle.

It seemed a tough call to leave the client work behind and we certainly applaud those still developing for such platforms, but delivering Mippin in the browser certainly worked for us.

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