Thursday, 12 June 2008

HTC Diamond: First Look

From time to time, when a new device comes along, we make a special effort to get hold of it to ensure that when you use it you will get the kind of experience from Mippin that you have come to expect. This week the HTC Diamond was released as a "white label iPhone killer" for the operators and as we have been tweaking our own iPhone experience we thought that we'd take a look.

The video is the initial exploration of the team when it reached the office on Tuesday. Your main protagonists are Rich and Flashy.

The salient points:

- some of the UI is really cool (the windscreen wipe on the weather widget when it is raining is the best bit about the whole phone)
- it has a stylus! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
- it has a magnetic stylus which pops back into the hole - coooool!
- the early pages of the UI look very neat and .... errrr.... iPhone-like but you quickly get into the standard and rather old-fashioned looking Windows UI which then seems a little like an anticlimax
- it is a VGA screen so most of your web pages look tiny

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