Thursday, 19 June 2008

Google dominates mobile search

SMS Text News runs a story this morning that Google gets 61% of mobile search. Yahoo! is a distant number 2 on these stats with 18% of the market. The figures are from Nielsen.

I have just trawled through the blog because I thought I had written on this previously in terms of Mippin's experience but cannot locate it. I definitely tweeted about it and probably promised a corresponding blog post - whoops.

Our data is even more weighted towards Google - in fact incoming organic search traffic from Google is 40 times that of Yahoo! and MSN combined. Yahoo! has done wonders recently with the effectiveness of its search button but it is not yet a meaningful player in the mobile space. I imagine that the 18% market share above is due to the operator deals that they have and that our numbers are a more accurate reflection of the off portal user preference for Google over anything else.

[As an aside, related but off topic: we can also see how many referrals come from,, etc. The overwhelming (95%) choice of users is to use - our contention is that users want to go to the internet page they know NOT a different mobile URL.]

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