Thursday, 26 June 2008

Bye Bye Mobizines

We have finally turned off all the lights on Mobizines. Some of you may not have realised that Mobizines was a product from the Mippin Team but in many ways it was the early alpha forerunner of Mippin.

Mobizines was a client download to the phone through Series 60 and Java clients which kept you up to date with a selection of your favourite titles. In the UK and South Africa these portfolios rivalled the operator portals in size and variety. We peaked at around 50,000 or so of you using the service in any given month which for a downloadable application at the time was pretty good but was not enough to make our business model swing. And, although emotional at the time, the decision to migrate into the browser was in the end a straightforward one and one that has proven correct even in a short space of time.

We'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of those that used the service - and continued to use it even after we began to focus on developing Mippin and left Mobizines behind. We had some really loyal customers and until very recently there were still over 10,000 users actively using the service to read their favourite content or play Suduko.

For these loyal customers - some of whom even remember this old logo which accompanied the launch way back when - the loss of Suduko in Mippin has been somewhat contentious and upsetting. Wow! did we get some feedback on that! We can now offer this and more for free through the Games section and we hope this goes some way to make amends.

Added to that, Mippin is lightyear's beyond what we could do previously, including:

- a self customising list of favourites
- over 10m stories to reference and search through compared to less than 1,000
- the ability to add whatever you'd like without having to wait for us
- much more flexibility in customising your experience
- no problems on download (your single biggest gripe)

and there is more coming because we are much much quicker now than before.

We are excited by a launch next week which will recommend to you titles from other users based on what you are reading or searching for. There are over 10m stories out there and we want to help you discover the ones which are most relevant for you.

Keep the feedback coming. Thanks for being part of the journey so far.

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