Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Mobile extends publisher reach

This is an interesting article from Nielsen. It details how having a mobile presence extends the reach for the web rather than cannibalising it.

For many in our (the mobile) industry this seems the type of statement which should be greeted with a 'doh' or a derisory 'they needed a survey for that?' But the truth is that a large minority of publishers are nervous about mobile as they are nervous about RSS readers: the fear is that these new channels will weaken their (known and) existing propositions and diminish their brands.

It is really refreshing to see robust data proving the opposite and confirming this industry's intuition. Up until now much of the data has been anecdotal - such as the assertion made to me from a BBC Sports Journalist that expectations are that mobile usage of the mobile site shall exceed that of the web site before the end of 2009. Impressive but not as likely to convert the doubters as this Nielsen survey.

It is worth pointing out that this survey is in the US, a market not known for leading the mobile data space. One can imagine that the statistics are better in Europe and much more impressive in Asia. Then, of course, in the developing world where there is a far lower penetration of PCs the figures will show the publisher that mobile is the main route to their audience online.

So, further encouragement to publishers worldwide to develop a mobile proposition. For a free, easy and elegant way to do so, here is a link to the Mippin Maker.

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