Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Favourite Devices

We have taken another trawl through the device database to see if there are any interesting nuggets to share.

The first chart shows the total share of devices using Mippin by manufacturer and is a proxy for the total market share of devices using mobile data. The geographic spread is global but Mippin is in the English language so it includes the Indian sub-continent but excludes most of Asia.

Note that we classify Opera Mini as a distinct category in its own right - this does mean that the data is not strictly correct i.e. the Opera Mini usage was on a Nokia or a Sony or a Motorola etc but the fact that it is Opera Mini is more relevant to us in terms of presentation and also gives an idea of Opera Mini market share in this space. We have left it in accordingly.

The next chart considers which devices are most likely to see repeat usage of Mippin. The best device on this measure (the BlackBerry) is given a rating of 1 and the other devices are given a rating relative to this. Thus, the Samsung is the laggard - having a rating just 58% of that of the Blackberry.

Nokia - as we have noted before - rates surprisingly lowly but this is related to a bug/feature on Series40 devices which drop cookies repeatedly and impact both the usability and how we measure the Mippin user. (There is still much head scratching on how to deal with this).

Finally, the top 25 devices worldwide. Notice that just 21 devices account for half of all usage. The other 1,500+ account for the other 50%.

Nokia obviously star in this list; Opera Mini shows 3% share of all repeating users which is impressive; one wonders what next for Motorola after the RAZR as the KRZR makes it purely on US volume alone; Sony Ericsson has strength in depth and dominates 23 through 50.

Happy to respond to particular questions in future posts.

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Blogger The Lal said...

Interesting data.
Wondering on how large a dataset u are playing with and how long (months back)



20 May 2008 at 07:39  

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