Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The astronomical costs of texting.....

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*off on a tangent warning* I have linked to the Pocket Picks website within this post but the truth is I have never visited it - I found a link in Mippin and bookmarked it there and that's how I keep up to date with the news from the site.


I have been meaning to write a post for sometime concerning the cost of texting. Many users have the perception that surfing the internet on their phone is expensive but believe that the cost of an SMS message is close to zero. The facts are somewhat different as you can read in this article.

A single SMS text message has a maximum size of 140 bytes (160 characters encoded at 7 bits per character) . There are 1,048,576 bytes in a megabyte so it will take 7490 text messages to transmit one megabyte.

Assuming an average cost of 5p per text, that works out at a whopping £374.49 per MB - about 4.4 times more expensive than sending the same data from space.

You can buy an unlimited surfing option for 50 friends with the same amount that 1 MB of data costs through a text message or - as the article suggests - send four messages via the Hubble Space Station.

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