Thursday, 3 April 2008

Video Update

CTIA coverage is a little thin on the ground this year with many complaining of seeing nothing but a re-hash of Mobile World Congress news and views from February. An example is this post from Fierce Wireless covering the Arun Sarin keynote.

One interesting thing from our perspective is that he includes the fact that Vodafone has seen 2.5m youtube videos viewed by its users over the last 12 months. A stat which is used presumably to demonstrate Vodafone's relevance in the mobile space.

However, to our delight, here is a clear sign - in bright red if you will - that the more active users are moving away from the operator portals in numbers.

Mippin saw a quarter of a million video views in just one month since launch and the excellent blueapple (our video partner) is delivering a monthly number which is many times that which Vodafone reports cumulatively.

Stats like these are incredibly reassuring for start-up businesses - like ours- who began hoping these trends would come to pass.

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