Thursday, 27 March 2008

Sprint Customers: normal service will resume soon

WAP Review first brought the news that Sprint's transcoding technology from Openwave was unable to discern in a large number of cases whether a destination site was already mobile or not. The result being that a number of sites would automatically be garbled when in fact they had already been configured for mobile. Sadly, this includes Mippin.

There is a lot of debate about how to improve the intelligence of the transcoders (or more particularly the intelligence of those implementing them as Sprint's issue is a carbon copy of the much discussed Vodafone implementation with Navarra last year) but in the meantime to resolve the issue you need to request to be put on a white list that the transcoder will not touch.

To this end, Sprint set up a page in its developer site to allow people to register their requests for whitelisting. Thanks to WAP Review we are in the first cluster but there are now pages and pages of requests from a host of developers. The current promise is to have the issue resolved within 30 days - I suspect there may now be some slippage.

If you are a Sprint customer using Mippin, please hold tight. We do have a fix in place should Sprint not resolve it quickly but we really do not want to use it. We do share your frustration but it will be back to normal soon.

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