Tuesday, 18 March 2008

More deep diving on devices.... and the winner is?

We have taken a deeper look at the devices we are seeing come into the service and how effective they are at generating repeating active users. We used this data also in exploring our cookie conundrum and as a result we might see some changes in the relative effectiveness of the different manufacturers now we have put a fix in - however there are still some nice observations to be made.

The tables below highlight the market share that we observe in each market for each major manufacturer. But also the relative effectiveness of each device in each market in generating a repeating active user. Thus for the latter the top rated device in each market is rebased to 1 and each manufacturer is rated according to that device class. Thus with a rating of 0.50 we are saying that the device is half as likely to generate a repeating active user than the market leader.

All good? OK.

First the UK:
The headlines here are that Sony Ericsson leads the market amongst mobile data users followed closely by Nokia with the others far behind.

However, when it comes to creating active users LG and Motorola lead the way. This appears somewhat counter-intuitive but for additional context one needs to bear in mind that a significant proportion of users are on the Three network which has the most active user base in the UK. Samsung is clearly a concern in this summary and may be related to our recent cookie investigations into particular gateways and device browsers. If so, we should see a marked improvement in this stat in the next weeks.

Now, South Africa:
In South Africa Samsung lead the way followed by Nokia and then a drop down to Motorola and Sony Ericsson. The most effective devices are the LGs and Sony Ericsson's with Nokia actually being a bit of a laggard and as we progress you will actually see this as a persistent theme. We believe this is due to the Openwave browser on MIDP 1.0 and later Series 40 devices and again we shall see if this is the case with the recent fix. Certainly, the data is surprising in an industry where Nokia appears to lead in all categories.


This exact same trend is also seen in India where Nokia has a significant market lead.

In the US, the clear lead of Motorola in volume terms is obvious but the iPhone share of mobile data activity is impressive. More so when you consider that it is also the most effective device in the market. By contrast Motorola performs poorly in these terms. We expect all of the laggards to improve but not to reach iPhone levels. That Sony Ericsson's get close is impressive - just a pity here as elsewhere that its market share is not higher.

As stated in the cookie analysis, some of this data regarding manufacturer performance may create some distortion peculiar to us, but the market shares should be a solid reflection and come from a sizeable database these days. Would be happy to hear of, or compare and contrast with, others' experiences.

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Blogger HeavyLight said...

Fascinating stuff.
I'm still struggling to figure why so many Nokia users don't seem to return as frequently as other users?

Any chance you could combine the data to show the world as a whole?
I'd be very interested to follow the impact of the iPhone as it gains traction.

18 March 2008 at 21:02  

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