Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Your feedback please

There are two requests here so please read to the end.

First, we have created an online survey to help gather your feedback on a number of different topics. It takes less than five minutes and we cannot emphasise enough just how helpful it is for us.

Please click this link to complete it.

As an incentive, if you have a blog we'll provide you with first access to the new Mippin Maker tool (which we are yet to tell you about!) and give you a shout from this blog.

Second, we have an interesting meeting coming up with the team on Friday where we are sitting down to define the roadmap for the next quarter. If you'd like to make some suggestions you have a number of means to do so: post a comment to this blog; use the feedback link at the bottom of every page on Mippin; or email us at info at All suggestions welcome - we'll give ideas which make it to production due credit on this blog so include your name if you want to be mentioned.



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