Thursday, 6 December 2007

Why not start a blog?

Blogs have long been associated with geek-dom but, as with many new technologies, their use if potentially far more mainstream than originally thought. Blogs can be used as a journal, as a means of communication between families, as a small community newsletter, as a destination to post details of big nights out, a place to rant and so on and so on.

They are also very easy to create. Your de facto web site, which with Mippin can be accessed from any mobile device as well anywhere, can be set up quickly and easily without any need to program or even understand what is being done.

Here are a number of links to sites that allow you to do this:

http:/ (though this is for the more tech savvy)

All these sites have great tutorials too.

Bear in mind that some of you might already be blogging - everytime you update your facebook profile or status or your myspace page - you're blogging. There is no mystique about it.

For the ambitious, you should take a look at Japan where a number of blogs have been published into books or even used as film scripts; closer to home the recent series Secret Diary of a Call Girl was based on a blog called Belle Du Jour. News programmes now frequently feature citizen journalism (bloggers) and the BBC has a show dedicated to them.

If you wish it to be so, it can be a money spinner or a fame generator. For the more modest, it can be simply a means to communicate to family and friends.

Remember that through Mippin any of these sites provide the automatic ability for you and friends/family/people in general to view your content on mobile too.

In building Mippin, we have noticed a large number of independent blogs or sites which are every bit as reliable or insightful as established brands. For example, take a look at:

Boing Boing - News and already sufficiently mainstream perhaps not to qualify for this list

Filmsy - Movie Reviews

Shoewawa - the world of shoes, remember you can blog on anything

King Cricket - an alternative and sometime less serious take on cricket

The Superficial - unashamed gossip

There is nothing that you cannot blog about - someone out there is going to be interested. Get going!





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