Thursday, 13 December 2007

Two Month Anniversary Release

We did a two month anniversary release this week which you might find interesting. We used Christmas as a peg for the release but there is some interesting data within it which we will expand upon in the blog in future posts.

Things to look for: the top 5 devices in each of India, US and UK; a buried announcement of going through another page impression milestone - 3m since launch on October 10th; some guidelines on the type of usage we are seeing from people on the service and so on.

If you'd like to request data for Stat Attack #2 which I'll probably write this weekend, please let me know.


Mobile web service Mippin reveals users’ most popular mobile internet phones this Christmas

Upgrades to Mippin made in line with consumer demand

Mippin, the free mobile web discovery service from Refresh Mobile, which connects you to your favourite web content on the phone, has revealed their users’ top handsets for accessing the mobile internet in the run up to this Christmas this year. Nokia is the most popular and accounts for over 50% of all access, whilst the iPhone is showing great momentum, already breaking into the US top 10 Mippin handsets. The Motorola RAZR, KRZR are also proving popular.

The top 5 handsets by country:




1. SE 800 series

2. Nokia N95

3. Nokia N73

4. SE 810 Series

5. SE 610 Series

1. Motorola V3

2. Motoroal KRZR

3. Samsung A870

4. Nokia 2865i

5. Motorola W385m

1. Nokia 6030

2. Nokia 6600

3. Nokia N70

4. Nokia 2626

5. Nokia 3220

“The range of handsets on this list reveals that users with all types of handsets are using the mobile internet.” comments Scott Beaumont, co-founder of Mippin. It’s not just about users with smartphones on 3G networks. One of our key promises and challenges is to make sure every user, regardless of handset type, gets the best possible experience.”

Mippin gives you quick and easy access to thousands of news, blogs, information and lifestyle websites directly from your phone has added a number of new enhancements. The service has been upgraded in response to consumer demand for features, (which is encouraged through a click link accessed from each page). These features include:

- Integration with Facebook allowing you to post your favourite articles directly to your profile page
- The ability to define your own favourites list (rather than rely on the recent history)
- A tailoring for your own country of use – so that you see the titles most popular in your country first in the categories or featured titles, or even in the latest read Mipplet
- Enhanced search functionality improving the quality of matches from the Mippin catalogue

For those trying to find the right mobile handset as a Christmas gift Mippin has created the Mippin mini-gift guide. Just point your phone’s web browser to:

The gift guide makes it easy to find mobile phone reviews and other gift inspirations right on your mobile phone.

In just the two months since the launch of Mippin, over three million page views across a wide variety of topics have been consumed. The most popular individual titles include the BBC News, New York Times and also less highly branded sites such as Click Music, Perez Hilton or Blogs on Mobile are gaining significant traction.

The service is being actively used in 124 countries on 1,200 plus types of mobile device. Countries making most use of the service include the UK, US, South Africa, Indonesia and India.

Mippin is subscription free (funded by advertising). On average, people are consuming 15 pages of information at each ‘session’ when they log in to use and the company has already seen advertising campaigns from top tier early-adopter brands such as Citroen, Renault and Sky.

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