Friday, 7 December 2007

Le Web 3, Google Blog Search and Mippin

Next week we're going to Le Web 3 in Paris. Scott and Prashant will be there both days showing off Mippin and handing out invites to the Mippin Maker private beta. Scott is going to be on a panel discussing mobile and web convergence on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30.

There is sure to be a lot of conference blogging going on. To help you track the blog activity from your mobile, we've created a little Le Web 3 mippsite based on a Google blog search feed. To check it out just point your phone's browser to:


This is a great example of Mippin's flexibility which anyone can take advantage of to track topics of interest on the go. Here's how you can set up your own Google blog search mippiste:

  1. Do a search on Google blog search.

  2. On the search results page you can select a sort order by relevance or date. The default is by relevance. For the Le Web 3 example, we decided to sort by date to always see the latest updates first.

  3. On the left column you can choose to subscribe to the search results via ATOM or RSS. Copy either of these links.

  4. Install the Mippin Sidebar for Firefox

  5. In the sidebar, paste the ATOM or RSS link in the Mippin search box and hit go.

  6. Voila! You now have your own Google blog search result mippsite. Click Add to Favourites to login/register and then all you have to do is visit on your handset and login to see your site on your new mippsite.

By the way, this method will work for lots of web sites. At on your mobile browser or in the Mippin sidebar you can always enter web sites addresses in the Mippin search box and if Mippin can find the associated RSS feed, it'll create a mippsite on the fly.



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