Thursday, 6 December 2007

“It’s Christmas but Retailer's Blogs don’t seem to be ringing.”


Getting in to the spirit of Christmas here and we’ve realized that Mippin might be a really useful tool for people doing their Christmas shopping! Here at Mippin we know it can be tough to decide which presents to buy your work colleagues, family and friends, and though online retailing performances may already breaking last years records, there are always plenty of shoppers prepared to face the carol music of crowded high streets and shopping centres searching for the elusive gift.

So for the season of goodwill, Mippin looked up some of the blogs of high street retailers, to provide a compendium of last minute, fast-selling out, inspirational ideas for all you generous Mippin users out there. But low, there are very few retail blogs available, and even then many seem to provide only Press Release information. This seems surprising given that Christmas is such a competitive month and retailers are usually keen to embrace ways to pull in customers. Surely a directory of retail blogs featuring pictures, pricing information, store opening hours, special gift ideas etc, all in one place on everyone’s mobile phone would make sense when navigating a bustling high street ahead of Christmas? I know there'll be plenty of last minute shoppers, mostly men no doubt, who’ll find themselves in the midst of a mild panic as they struggle to find the presents they don’t know they’re looking for. Mippin is the answer. So this is a call to all you retailers who haven’t got a good blog in place yet – we’re pulling together some great gift suggestions for our users from the likes of, and even I’m really keen on that iPhone for Christmas, but you need to let me know if you’ve got it in stock!




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