Friday, 9 November 2007

Welcome iPhone!

Today is iPhone day in the UK! At 6:02 PM GMT we can officially get our hands on the iPhone. Congratulations to Apple and O2 on the launch. We wish them much success and are really excited to see the dawn of better mobile browsing come to this side of the pond.


And where better to experience the best of the web on your new iPhone than at! In truth we’ve been hankering for the new iPhone for months and to keep busy we've gone and built a special version of Mippin specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch. This version is ready now and all you have to do is point your iPhone or iPod touch browser to You'll get all the same great Mippin content with an interface that really makes the most of what the Safari browser can do.

Cool you say, but why use Mippin on the iPhone/touch when it has a full HTML browser? Simple, its all about looks and speed. Mippin pages are a fraction of the size of a full web page and optimised for the iPhone/touch screens. With Mippin on your iPhone, you'll browse the web faster than if you visit the web site directly. Mippin downloads just the freshest content and nothing else. So you can get to the good stuff with fewer clicks, or in the case of the iPhone/touch, fewer pokes of the screen.

Give it a go!



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