Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Stat Attack #1

We have been live now for a little over a month and thanks to so many of you for using the service and for giving us your feedback (remember that there is a feedback link for you from every single page – we read every single one).

We have seen over 950 different types of phone use the service across more than 120 different countries in the first 30 days. An acquaintance from Informa tells me that they have registered around 2700 devices in existence globally. That is astonishing in its own right – but 1/3 of all devices have seen Mippin in 30 days – without any conscious marketing in Asia at all. I find that an incredible statistic.

I thought I would post up the most popular devices on the service in these first days – starting in this post with the UK. Other markets to follow.

1. Sony Ericsson 800 series

2. Nokia N95

3. Nokia N73

4. Sony Ericsson 810 Series

5. Sony Ericsson 610 Series

6. Nokia 6300

7. Sony Ericsson 850 Series

8. Sony Ericsson 750 Series

9. Nokia 7373

10. Motorola V3

11. Motorola C975

12. Nokia 6280

13. Nokia 6230

14. Nokia 6680

15. Nokia 6630

16. Nokia 6288

17. Nokia E65

18. Sony Ericsson 880 Series

19. Nokia N70

20. Samsung E900

I clustered together the Sony Ericsson series devices, so the D750, K750, x750 are all in the same cluster as in essence they are usually the same device but merely sold by different operators.

What did not surprise me:

That there is an overwhelming weighting towards Sony Ericsson and Nokia devices over Samsung and Motorola. I think everyone in the mobile space knows that these devices are currently easier to use and attract early adopters more than Samsung and Motorola tend to. The Motorola V3 tends only to make these types of list on sheer strength of numbers rather than quality of experience, something the Z8 looks to address.

What did surprise me:

That said, I was surprised that the Samsung D500, D600 did not make the list and by the high showing of the Nokia 7373 (so much so that I returned to the data to check). And the Motorola C975 – really! Quite odd that this makes the cut – and again in useful numbers. We are checking the user agent data.

It is interesting to note that the top 5 devices account for 25% of total volume, the top 10: 38% and the top 20 just 54%. Such a high concentration in the top 5 is not so much or a surprise perhaps but the sheer amount of devices in the UK means that the top 20 – which I expected to deliver 85%+ of the volume, delivers just over half.

For future surveys it will be interesting to see how and whether the iPhone breaks into these numbers; it is already in the US top 10! And we know we had 62 unlocked iPhones on the service in the UK prior to the launch.

Note: 12% of devices use Mippin in the UK that we have not been able to identify yet due to breakages in the user agent stream.

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