Thursday, 29 November 2007

Probably the most expensive Mobile Advertising in the world?

In the lead up to Mobile World Congress, formerly 3GSM, many mobile marketers will be devising clever or innovative ways to raise the profile of their company or service to everyone attending. The big guns will normally take over most of the airport with giant ad’s promoting new phones and features, followed by a great range of selective, cheaper and more subtle marketing in around Barcelona and the conference.

As Refresh Mobile is attending, there’s been plenty of talk about how to raise awareness of Mippin. Covering the side of a building with our Mippin logo would probably do the trick but being a start up, the cost of one of those ad’s would cost more than my years salary. But in the pursuit of more imaginative ways to reach execs next February, I’ve ended up compiling a small list of advertising opportunities that I’ve come to realise are slightly out of our budget. So feel free to choose one for yourself instead, but if you do please be kind enough to credit Mippin in the advertising too.

  1. Advertising Mippin within the carrier SMS received on all mobile handsets after landing in Barcelona:

  1. Sponsoring Robert Scoble to attend and write an exclusive blog only available on Mippin

  1. Free iPhone’s for everyone at a giant Mippin stand, with Mippin as a default application on the main UI.

  1. Hiring a Megayacht and painting a bright orange Mippin on the bow. Satellite communications would ensure mobile product and service demonstrations would not be affected at sea.



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