Friday, 23 November 2007

New features for Mippin

The tech team have completed incorporating the latest updates in to Mippin. With this release Mippin has taken a couple of impressive steps forward to becoming a self-sufficient platform. The key updates are:

  1. The new Search Engine, based on the Apache Solr project, is live. We can now service your search requests with a full text search of all the stories in Mippin, not just the titles and the results are returned faster and ranked using a more intelligent algorithm. At the same time the load on the service has been reduced by moving the search processing onto a separate server and removing the dependence on the database. All fantastic stuff, well done Ben.

  2. Mippin is now Country sensitive. Every element of Mippin is now dynamically crafted around what people in the user's country are viewing and have been viewing. Making a service that learns which content is most relevant to users from each Country. A good example of this is the England football result + match analysis that made it to the top of the most read stories in the UK yesterday, but wasn't present in the list in the US. This also means that content in different languages will be restricted to the home pages of users in Countries to which it is relevant, although it will remain searchable to all users.

Many thanks to Conor as well as this has been our most involved release by a country mile.

Apologies to any users that were adversely affected by the release as we did have a couple of minor outages and slow downs over the past 48 hours.



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