Sunday, 25 November 2007

A Marketing Suggestion.

As a member of the marketing team here at Refresh Mobile I’ve been looking at different ways to reach out to the various markets that would like Mippin. Some of the biggest successes to date have been mobile advertising search, such as Google Mobile and advertising networks such as AdMob. The advantage of using these forms of mobile advertising is that Mippin has reached a large numbers of mobile data users very quickly. The click through rates have been good, which suggests there’s clearly a curiosity and desire for new for mobile content and we’re sure Mippin is satisfying these new users appetites.

Reaching a wider market is a little more problematic however, and I don’t think it’s just because Mippin is a start up. To date, the Operators have been really successful in promoting the availability of internet on mobile. In combination with the volumes of personalised content sales such as ringtones, wallpapers and so on, the general message has definitely been that the phone is connected, and can do more than making calls.

However the Operators have always pushed their own internet services forward, both independently and through brand association with big web content and services providers. There has obviously been a rise in the number of mobile internet traffic on the back of all this marketing, and yet a question comes to mind which is why hasn’t everyone started using the mobile internet yet?

There are many reasons for this, including the speed of networks, quality of phones and much more. However I think part of the problem may lay with education and the choice of message reaching non mobile internet users. Presently the Operators market the mobile web as the web, using the same brands from online to encourage people to use the web on mobile. However by focusing on generating revenues from their own portals, the mobile internet experience appears to the non-initiated to be only available via the Operators services. Although the "Web" is being promoted, the message of the mobile internet is more that it is constrained and doesn’t actually fully resemble the freedom of the internet that people are familiar with online.

This could be addressed quite simply however by marketing the availability of each phones default internet browser, combined with the costs to access online content. Promoting the fact that each phone has a default internet browser and that it simply requires entry of any URL address as with normal desktop web browser's like Internet Explorer could make the connection in people minds between the internet and what they’re carrying in their pockets. The experience of entering a URL in to a browser is a process that people are all familiar with.

I’m not sure who’s responsibility this could be – the operators, the manufacturer’s, or third party web based companies like Mippin. I know we will be doing our bit and so we might end up introducing some people to the internet on mobile as well!

Take a look for yourself by entering in your phone’s internet browser today.



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