Thursday, 22 November 2007

Announcing the Mippin Sidebar for Firefox browser

Download Here 
(NB until we are in the Firefox directory your have to allow to download to your browser - see the pop-up appear at the top of the screen) 

Many people have been asking for this including Improbulus and Mashable - it's the ability to view Mippin on your desktop and change your Mippin phone configuration easily. What's more because it's in the sidebar you can do your normal web browsing at the same time. If you want to keep or change your phone configuration just register and login with the same username here.

You can even use the two systems (the phone and PC) side by side, so you can even add/create your own Mippsites by typing the url to an RSS feed in the search box. It is a handy cheat we have used in the development phase.
Mippin Sidebar

So, to install the Mippin sidebar just click this download and install link when reading this blog in Firefox. Once installed (it will re-start Firefox during the install process), all you do is hit Alt-M and the Mippin sidebar will appear.

Alt-M again and Mippin will go.

Have fun with it. Send us your feedback and then watch out for updates as we respond with more cool stuff.

Stay tuned...



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