Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Mippin: Make it Mobile

Welcome to the Mippin blog!

This is the official blog for Mippin, a soon to be released mobile web service.

What is Mippin? Good question.
Mippin is something we are building because it is just too hard to find really great mobile web sites.

It's too hard to build one, there aren't that many and the ones that are out there are hard to find, hard to use and sometimes hard on the eyes.A really good mobile web site should be up to date, easy to read, easy to navigate and should also look fantastic on any phone with a modern mobile web browser (we define 'modern' as WAP 2.0 for the techies among you).

Mippin will make it easy to find the good stuff and make it easy to create it as well.

So if you are interested in helping us shape the new mobile web, sign up for our beta...

And stay tuned to the blog for more of our thoughts on the challenges in building the new mobile web.
See you soon!

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