Thursday, 23 October 2014

Appsme App of the Month: The Fallow Deer

The Fallow Deer is a lovely cafe in Teddington, on the outskirts of London. It's an independent, family-run affair with food sourced from local suppliers and baked goods made in-house. (Team Appsme's kind of place!)

A few months ago they decided to go mobile with a (pretty spiffy looking!) app to promote the cafe and drive more business. And they must be doing a pretty great job at it, as The Fallow Deer app is now our app of the month!

First of all, we're in love with the design - a funky brick background that matches the brick walls in the cafe itself, and doesn't detract from all the great stuff inside the app. There's a full gallery of appetizing photos, social integration for the cafe's busy Facebook and Twitter pages, and a comprehensive menu that could make any mouth water.

But beyond that, The Fallow Dear team has added a killer loyalty scheme for coffee & tea - ideal for any cafe, and a brilliant way to drive repeat business. They've also made inventive use of the Deals feature - they've transformed it into an events tab complete with a happy hour deal!

Lastly, The Fallow Deer team are using push notifications to drive real-time deals. Here's a great example:

Funny and a bargain?! Who wouldn't turn up for that?

To see it for yourself, download the free Fallow Deer app here.

Ready to make a beautiful app for your business, complete with push notifications and real-time deals?

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

1 Billion Websites vs. 2.5 Million Apps

According to an article published in Business Insider last week, the internet has reached one billion websites (and shows no signs of stopping). Now domain providers are looking beyond .com and .net to expand the possibilities. Fancy owning a .ninja address? You totally can.

Because we're in the business of apps, we here at Appsme are constantly talking about them - how important they are, their unbelievable rate of growth, and just how powerful they can be. But when we think about mobile apps compared to websites...

Well, let's just compare the figures! There are one billion websites out there, but only 2.5 million mobile apps available in the world's two biggest app stores (Apple App Store & Google Play). This tells us that the number of apps out there is actually a fraction of a fraction - .25% - of the total websites in existence. It really puts things into perspective, doesn't it? Just think of how many websites and companies have yet to launch an app for their brand!

We're not saying every website or every brand needs an accompanying mobile app, but there's certainly room for millions, even hundreds of millions more to get in on the action. With roughly 50% of web searches and traffic conducted on mobile devices (a figure that continues to rise exponentially), an app really does make a lot of sense for those looking to reach out to customers or fans on mobile devices.

We'd venture to guess only a small portion of these one billion websites are mobile-friendly, and these desktop-optimized sites in particular will become less and less useful as mobile traffic figures rise. What's more, 80% of time spent on mobile is spent inside apps as opposed to in the mobile browser. There may be a billion sites out there but clearly apps are where it's at.

Ready for your business to #GoMobileToday?

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

How to Use Push Notifications to Your Advantage: Salon Edition

Welcome to the 2nd installment of our blog series on making the most of push notifications. Today we'll be talking about salons, as they're one of the most prevalent business types we see building apps on the Appsme platform. (Features like our loyalty scheme are absolutely perfect for businesses that rely on repeat customers.)

With push notifications so easy to do - just log on to the Appsme dashboard, write a message, and send it - there's no harm in experimenting. Here are 3 suggestions for how salons can use push notifications as a powerful marketing tool to drive business:

Let's say it's Monday morning, and Sally the salon owner has noticed a lot of empty space in the calendar for the week. To generate more bookings, Sally sends out this push notification:

Book today for 25% off ANY SERVICE - this week only! Just mention the app when booking.

Now let's say Billy is doing a rebrand for his salon, and he decided to give the app a rebrand as well! Not only did he update the app with a different theme and additional gallery photos, but a new loyalty scheme as well! Billy pushes this message out to app users:

New loyalty scheme! Get TWO stamps on your loyalty card when you come in all September!

2 clients at Juanita's salon have just cancelled their afternoon appointments. Eager to occupy the slots, Juanita informs her customers of the openings with this push notification:

Last minute openings! Call now to book an afternoon appointment & look good for that date tonight!

Just look at all the business you could drive by spending just one minute sending a push notification on the Appsme dashboard. If that's not marketing made easy, I don't know what is!

Don't have an app yet but want to tap into the power of push?

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Friday, 12 September 2014


We here at Appsme are geeks. We love technology and gadgets, and we talk about software releases like some people talk about last night's big football game.

But the great thing about Appsme is that you don't have to be! Every element of the Appsme app builder has been designed for everybody, not just the geeks out there. We always say that creating an app shouldn't be any more difficult than creating a Facebook page, which - as most of us know by now - is easy as pie.

So let's dispel some of the big myths around getting a mobile app for any business up and running!

1) You need to know how to code to build a mobile app.

MYTH! The Appsme app builder contains no coding elements whatsoever. Just pick the features you want and fill out some basic information to make your app work for your business.

2) You need to be a photoshop expert to design a mobile app.

MYTH! All a great-looking app needs from you is a logo (which you probably already have lying around) and an awesome background image, though you can choose a basic color or a background from our library of images, too. We find a subtle image, one that doesn't clash with the app content and makes sense, works best. Check out this awesome background for the Talon Winery app. It looks great, matches the business type and doesn't distract from the great deals & handy info that the app delivers.

3) You need to know all about different phones, including phones you've never used.

MYTH! Like I said, we're geeks. We love knowing about the latest phones and platforms. We work hard to ensure our apps are completely optimized for whatever platform they run on, so you don't have to.

4) You need a few months to get the app up and running.

MYTH! Creating a top-quality app on Appsme takes about 20 minutes. You can even help us start building it for you by entering your business' Facebook page. For apps on the premium plan that get submitted to app stores, it takes an extra few days to launch in Google Play and a couple weeks to launch in the App Store.

5) You need thousands of dollars to do it.

MYTH! Not only do we offer a plan that is completely free, but our premium plan is incredibly affordable, with both monthly and annual payment options. Check out this page for details on all our price plans.

Now that we've busted some big myths of the app world, are you ready to create your business app with Appsme?

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Friday, 5 September 2014

App of the Month: DREAMWAVE Wrestling

It's that time again - time to highlight the best apps made on the Appsme platform this month! This month's app is for DREAMWAVE Wrestling, a professional wrestling company based in LaSalle, Illinois that runs monthly events throughout the state. 

So, here's what we absolutely love about this app: the entire app caters to their next event, which takes place in  a few days. It's an incredibly smart use of our platform - the fact that you can update your app's content at any time with no fuss makes Appsme an ideal app platform for events based apps. 

Taking a closer look, we see that even the app's strapline promotes the next event - Next Show Good As Gold on Sept. 13th. The info page is full of details on the next event, including date & time, the event's lineup, and most importantly a hyperlink to where to buy tickets. The DREAMWAVE team also created an 'Event Tickets' tab to display ticket prices.

Their awesome gallery includes a bracket for their own Tag Team Tournament and photos of various coompetitors and matchups. (I reckon the audience for The Hooligans vs. Guns & Beer is in for a treat!) Unsurprisingly, DREAMWAVE is all over social media as well, and have integrated their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube content into the app.

All in all, the perfect event-based app. And once this event's over, the app can be completely changed to cater to the next one in an instant. Pretty cool, right? Download it and see for yourself!

Want to create an app like DREAMWAVE? 

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Check Out Our New Video!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

How to Use Push Notifications to Your Advantage: Restaurant Edition

A few months ago, Appsme launched support for push notifications and so far, the feedback has been great! It's fun to see your messages, and it enables us to better understand all the creative ways in which business owners are taking advantage of this powerful feature on Appsme.

Mobile marketing company Urban Airship states that enabling push notifications triggers a 540% increase in daily app opens - this alone should convince you of just how powerful this feature is and why you should be using it. But we recognize that some of you app owners out there may need a bit of extra help - so here I'd like to tell you about some easy ways to engage your customers with push notifications, broken down by business sector. We'll start with restaurants, as it's one of the most popular type of app we see built on our platform.

The sun is unexpectedly shining, and you're eager to fill up the restaurant's patio with the after-work crowd, who have been stuck inside an office for the past 8 hours. You know how to get 'em in, so you send this push:

The sun is shining so it's HAPPY HOUR! Come enjoy 2-for-1 cocktails until sundown on our beautiful patio.

Let's say it's the opposite - a dreary, rainy Tuesday. Nearby foot traffic is minimal, and your restaurant only has a few bookings in the calendar for the evening. In an effort to incentivize last-minute diners to come in for a meal, you send this push:

Rainy Day Special! Pop in for a free starter or dessert with any meal!

Now what if your kitchen staff has accidentally over-ordered on pork belly this week, and you desperately don't want to waste any of it. What do you do? Create a temporary deal in the app and send this push:

Pork Belly Bonanza: 50% off all week! We know you're craving it already...

And there you go: 3 excellent use cases for how restaurants can engage customers and drive conversions with push notifications.

Don't have an app yet but want to tap into the power of push?

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